Heart Of It All: A Fashion Experience

If you haven’t noticed, the state of Ohio is taking off on many fronts, including sports (Go Bucks! Go Cavs!), music, and the object of this post, fashion.

Held at THE Ohio State University, Heart of It All is a weekend long fashion exhibition orchestrated by Nadiyah Harper and Aaron Carey, that will feature art, a sneaker convention and not one, but two, fashion shows. In addition to all this, Heart of It All will also serve as a networking event, giving creatives in the state of Ohio the opportunity to network and further build their brands.

Heart of It All goes down April 24-26. For more information, visit HeartOfItAllFashion.com. You can also follow the movement on your favorite social media platform.

Twitter: @HeartOfItAll

Instagram: @HeartOfItAllFashion

Facebook: Heart Of It All Fashion

Tinashe – ‘Bated Breath’ (Video)

Lookin’ like everything that is right with the world, Tinashe delivers her brand new short film video for “Bated Breath”, from her debut album, Aquarius. The introspective clip, which is over 9 minutes long, features Tinashe embarking on a journey through the desert, and it was completely financed by Tinashe herself.