The Introduction


Welcome to You’re probably wondering about the name, and that’s cool. Well first off, no, it’s not meant to be some lonely shit, although I can see how that would be amusing. It’s also not intended to be some self-centered type thing. Basically, I go by the name of Chewy or Chewy Himself and the name of the site is play on that. All of what you see on here will be a reflection of me. What I think is hot, what I think is wack and everything in between. Although, I may have a guest blogger from time to time, pretty much all of what you see will be posted by me. Hence the title; All by Himself. Get it now? Cool. Alright, this is the part where I run out of cool shit to say, so if you’ve been rocking with me, you know what to expect. If you’re new, then be prepared to get a glimpse of life behind these wayfarer sunglasses.

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