What Makes A Hoe A Hoe?


What makes a hoe a hoe? Is it the number of people they’ve slept with? Who they’ve slept with? Their intentions behind sleeping with them? Well, I guess it all depends on what a hoe is to you. To me, the word ‘hoe’ is very loosely and even incorrectly used. One mistake people often make when using the word is that they limit it to just females. Females get called a hoe for damn near anything these days. Things like partying or simply having a fair amount of male friends. The picture is bigger though. Us, males, can be hoes too, despite society’s double standard that men are supposed to hit everything that walks but women can’t. A hoe can be many things depending on how you look at it, so I’ll attempt to tell you what a hoe isn’t.

Just because someone has an abundance of friends of the opposite sex doesn’t mean that they are sexually involved with them or have ever been. I see this happen to chicks all the time and it’s wack. “All she ever hangs out with is guys. They must be hittin’ that”. What kind of kiddie logic is that? We’re grown right? I have a lot of female friends, so I get hit with that same logic, but the truth of the matter is this; unless you know the person you’re calling a ‘hoe’, you can’t possibly know why they hang with who they do or if it’s legit or not. For instance, some chicks may have been raised around all guys. You know, a dad, and a bunch of brothers. So they just may naturally click with guys better. Doesn’t mean they’re getting smashed. I say that because I was raised around mostly women and have a majority of female friends because of it. While it is rare, it is extremely possible for a male and female to be genuine friends who want nothing more from each other.

Body count is another factor in which people use to determine whether someone is a hoe or not. To that I say this; it doesn’t really matter. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few extremes, like if someone sleeps with 30 people in a month or some craziness, but overall no. You gotta factor in a few things here. People are always concerned with body count, but they never pay attention to the ‘body count to years active’ ratio. If someone has 20 bodies, but has been doin’ this for 10+ years, that’s really not that bad. Male or female. On top of that, there’s no way to prove how many people your dude/chick slept with before you. They could say “I’ve only been with 2 people”, but really have been with 200. There’s just no telling. All you can do is trust that they’re telling you the truth about their past and that they’re clean. Everything else is irrelevant if you are really into them.

I never told you what I thought a hoe was, huh? Ok, well to me a hoe isn’t based on who you sleep with or how many. For me, it’s HOW one goes about their sex life. If you’re out here sexing for status or hitting any and everything with no discrimination, then yea, you might be a hoe. If you’re out here reckless and having sex with people you just met a hour ago, then yea, you might be a hoe. All that other shit doesn’t matter though. Sex is being had out here. Period. The key is to be grown about yours and keep your name out these streets and your test results negative. I’m out.

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